About me

Although it is not my real name, I would prefer that you refer to me simply as M.F. I rather not reveal my real identity and I do have a reason for it. l will only say that I am a white European in early 30s who has been living in Asia since 2011. I graduated university in Bangkok, Thailand, where I spent most of my time. I work in travel business, organizing and selling tours in South East Asia. As for my hobbies, it always has been and never will change, chasing girls and getting to their panties.

Although I am not from England, I had lived in London for many years before I made Thailand my new home. Being absolutely passionate about Asia, I decided to share my glorious experience on this continent and the following page is a humble result of this noble attempt. All text and articles written on LifeAfterDark.net are written by me. This website strives to serve two proposes. It keeps a track of my epic adventures and provides set of helpful advice for those who consider relocating to Asia or intend to visit this wonderful place for holidays. Every information provided here is based on my own experience to the best of my knowledge. That being said, I am not an oracle and occasionally some small details might vary from the reality. I will try to update this page as often as possible; however it is not the rule due to work commitments as well as very busy social life.

A word of warning: huge part of this website describes nightlife and sex related materials. It also contains content not suitable for everyone as well as strong language, therefore visitor discretion is advised. I am also known to have a big mouth and say inappropriate things, not to mention my sarcastic, derisive personality. Plus modesty is not my strongest advantage. Thus you have been warned. Furthermore, English is not my first language, hence you might spot a small inconsistency every now and then. If you have a problem with that, leave.