Hairy like an Asian woman

The entire post below can be summed up in one sentence –  according to Western Standards, Asian woman are hairy and not very well groomed.  Starting with an unruly bush between their legs, through a small moustache under their nose, ending up with more or less hairy legs.  I know, I know, you already want to write a comment that you haven’t come across a girl like that yet. Actually, that might be true too, as there exist two exceptions of the species of non hairy Asians.

Species #1. 

Philippinas:  For reasons unbeknownst to us, this problem doesn’t concern Philippinas. Chances of meeting a hairy Philippina woman are inversely proportional to the meeting of a non-hairy Asian woman of the land species, which means that it might happen, however  it’s extremely improbable  – it’s something like finding a bill of a high denomination on the street.

Species #2

Asian chicks who have already been with a white guy.  The rule is simple, after seeing the hairy stumps of his beloved one, the with guy buys her a set Gillette razor blades as a gift. The Asian girl in love grabs the razor blade and removes tangles of tufts of hair from herself.  Additionally, she learns that it is not only her lover who prefers well groomed women who resembles an anthropoid, but other men like it too!  From now on she diligently removes hair from her vagina, legs and, if necessary, from her belly. The habit settles down and voila – we have a well trained Asian woman who, out of her own initiative, is not  hairy anymore and she qualify for the international dating scene.

Why haven’t you come across a hairy one then before? Well, for a simple reason – you’ve been only meeting Asians from species #1  or possibly #2.  I can then guarantee you that if you are dealing with a lady who has never tasted white sausage, her level of hairiness will be rather on the extreme side.  There are exceptions to this rule though –  since we should not put everyone into the same bag, as we are talking statistics here: 99 out of 100. As an experiment,  it’s enough to watch a hundred Japanese porn movies to see how many of the stars take care of  state  of their crotch.  The statistics will be similar in all of the countries of South East Asia known to me.

What does it stem from? Asians have different preferences. What is attractive for us, might be completely dull for them. For an example, the basic beauty cannons for Asians are skin color and the shape of the nose. Two things which are completely insignificant for a European. The Cambodian girl with whom I once went out told me, that Cambodian men would not accept the lack of a bush of hair concealing the jewel of her femininity.

True story.

A situation like that: 7/11, a 19-year-old. I took her on my motorbike to the beach in the Rayong province, and next to the hotel in order to ‘consume’ our friendship. When I undressed her, bats nearly flew out of her panties. Such a thicket. Her legs were hairy and unshaved, her brows were unplucked, a virgin moustache under her lips. I tell her that that I’m going to the family mart around the corner to get her a shaver and that I’m going to shave her body from head to toe. She protests arguing that her hair is going to grow back even more dense. So she’d rather resemble an orangutan.

A different situation ; A female student gets on a BTS train  in a sexy university uniform, a white shirt, tightly buttoned on her most likely silicon bosom and black mini skirt. I look at her face – her Asian eyes with a gentle makeup, long black hair and a shy look. “ Angel”  I think.  I eye her from head to toes, admiring the size of her lungs again. Then lower, an ideal shape of her waist and her butt. Then I glance at her long legs and at that moment I can’t help but notice… the fucking hair, her rudely hairy legs almost like man legs. Then the first crosses my mind, that it was just a fell camouflaged lady boy, but NO. A lady boy would take care of his legs and make sure they’re not hairy. It’s our cutes Asian gals who have a problem with that.

And that is simply the way it is in our beloved Asia. If you go out with a novice who has never had a western guy you may expect her to resemble more or less a beast. Don’t get discouraged though, after all our beloved Asian girls, unlike feminists from Europe, will shave themselves spotless if only that is what you wish for.

P.S. The article was written on the basis of my personal experiences of living in Asia for eight years full time (damn, can you believe that I haven’t been in Europe for eight year now  :0.  I visited nine out of eleven countries belonging to South East Asia (I just haven’t visited East Timor and Brunei yet). and I slept with a representative of each one of those countries, except for Singapore ( in which I stayed only for four months and where I was pretty busy doing my business).  If someone disagrees with the content of this article, than go ahead and cross it out with a marker and write something of your own.



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