Faithful like a Thai woman

Faithful like a Thai woman –  it’s a phrase I like to use sarcastically with my friends, who also reside in the capital of Thailand. Don’t get me wrong, not every Thai woman is the type who will bang like a drum, changing partners more often than her underwear, although you, as a foreigner or, God forbid – a tourist, a person who will most likely end up Sukumvith, Silom, Khao San or another place frequented by tourists such as Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Phangan etc. , you can be practically certain that your Thai girlfriend will be banging all over the place behind your back.

This is the way it is here. You will not change it.  If you met your girl at the university, the office where work, or some secluded place in the middle of nowhere (which the Lonely Planet guide doesn’t even mention) and, in addition, she doesn’t know English, or she can utter only a few broken sentences in it, then you still stand a chance that it might be something that resembles a real relationship to which you are accustomed to in Europe.

However, if you met her on one of the dating sites on the net, or in one of the areas of Bangkok where tourists or expats like to spend their free time, she will most likely be a representative of  the so called  bad girls ( This is a term in which Thai girls like to address their girlfriends  who they’re not necessarily fond of).  Meeting a girl on an island, or in one of the sea resorts such as Hua Hin, or Cha Am is also not a good indicator that you will be in love with each other till “death do you part”. Have you ever wondered why a Thai woman who has not even graduated from high school, can perfectly communicate in English? She simply had the chance to learn it from someone. You figure the rest out by yourself.

Thai women like to lie. Sometime they even admit to it, saying bang wela chop go hok. However, in the majority of the cases, they will lie that they do not lie. Ask a hundred Thai girls if they have a boyfriend.  Maybe one will answer positively, adding that he treats her badly and that they might be breaking up soon. Ask a 100 Thai girls if they’ve ever cheated on their boyfriend?  99 will answer that they have never done it, even if they are doing it at that very moment.

I good girl. You playboy, you have girl, many many.

This is what Thai gals often like to repeat. Usually, the more often a Thai girl says that she is a good girl, the more likely she is the opposite of what she just said.  She has one guy from France – who’s soon coming on holiday, one guy from Germany – who’s living in Bangkok where she currently lives, and one Thai boyfriend in Issan village – where our Thai girl is from.  Oh, by the way, that brings us to another famous phrase they like to use: I chop only white boy. Only farang. Thai guy no good.  The majority of Thai girls will claim that they are not interested in Thai boys. They only go for white boys. That’s another popular  B.S. which you’re  going to hear from many Thai girls. Ohh,  she told you that you were her first white fuckboy?  And you believed her? He he he!

Each Thai girl’s dating profile says that she is looking only for a permanent relationship and for true love. Most of them will go for a fuck on their first date, but will not stop talking to other dudes. They will not remove their account from Tinder, and sooner or later they will hook up with someone else, and then the story will make a full circle. And she will still be convinced that it is guys who are dicks, and that she has bad luck because she’s a good girl who happens to meet bad guys only.

So, is it worth to start relationships with Thai girls?

You have to answer this question for yourself.  In my opinion, you cannot expect from others what you yourself are unable, or not intending to do. Therefore, my stance on the subject is the following:  I tell the Thai girls what they want to hear, I avoid certain topics, or I even lie when necessary ( no, I don’t know whose toothbrush is in the bathroom ! Maybe my mom left it here when she visited me last week.) and when they do the same. I pretend not to see or know anything.  I “believe” in their bullshit such as: “ this is my brother” , or “  the last time I fucked was six months ago”. And I’m fine with that.

Why? Because I’m a guy, and I prefer having a lot of  chicks instead of one true love.  Fly, young chicks with nice bodies and big tits. These are the ones that I get. And I get a lot of  them. I am not going to apologize for anything. After all, nature made me this way.


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