Dr BJ (Wood Bar) – an insight into Bangkok’s relieve clinic

(Update: I wrote this article around 2012, but I publish it now, in 2018. At the time, the place was called Dr BJ and the girls were wearing nurse outfits, however, following a police raid, the owner had to rename the venue to Wood Bar. It is however the same place and most of information in this review is up to date, although it might be a 100 THB or so more expensive)

For those who are not familiar with term of blow job bar, it is a place where men pay at the door, find a comfortable stool and simply get a bareback blowjob for anything between B700-B1000.

There are several reasons why I normally don’t pay for sex. And it’s not because I find it immoral or any of these crap. In fact, If I was a hot babe, I’d definitely strive to be an escort. Nonetheless ,  getting laid in Bangkok is easier than in most of places in the world. I normally have sex on average with 1 new girl every week when in Bangkok and I might buy them a drink or two plus breakfast the day after, but I never pay for actual sex, because it’s widely available or free. The reason number two is very trivial. I am too stingy. Although I would be still able to afford getting a pretty much every day, it would significantly decrease my funds.

Being a huge fan of blow jobs (I will always choose a head over actual sex), the idea of a BJ bar in Sukhumvith appealed to me.  Apparently the place is a clinic and you pay for nurse. Everything looks very tidy and professional, nothing to do with a dodgy brothels.

I believe that being in Thailand and never paying for sex is like going to Amsterdam and never smoking a joint. And thus I decided to blow some money and get a sexy nurse to look after Big Willy. And I recommend everyone giving it a go, it’s worth it!

The place is located on Sukhumvith soi 7/11, few minutes away from Nana BTS station. Very easy to spot, with big white sign DR’S BJ SALON. I make my way to the venue and before reaching it with my sight, some hot babe pulls my hand and asks me to have a look inside. It’s nothing unusual in this area, since Nana is one of the biggest whorehouses world has ever seen. Turns up, she is one of the nurses, so I tell her I was looking for them and she takes me inside.

From some reason I feel slightly nervous, but the owner, who is a farang, appears straight away, shakes my hand and provides all information about place. Immediately I realize it’s an easy going place where no one is going to steal my money, kidney, or anything like that. No pressure to buy anything, simply nice Scottish fella who is helpful. He shows me the “menu”. B700 for nurse with white outfit or B1000 for consultant in black. The girls line up above my head at kind of balcony thing and smile to increase their chances for extra cash. I would have expected that girls in that kind of places will be rather ugly. Surprisingly, with few exceptions, most of them were rather good looking. I bet majority of guys screen girl’s eyes for “blow job face”, but my sight stopped very quickly on a stunning hot babe in black consultant outfit and I didn’t even want to look at other girls anymore. Her name is Why and she is a real deal.

I order a beer for myself (B100) and a lady drink for her (B140) and we proceed upstairs. We pass next to all the rest of girls and they all have this weird faces saying “why her, I wanted to suck your cock”. Some of them actually say that out loud. But as I mentioned, there was only one girl I really desired to do it. We enter small room with kind of armchair. Why is not pushing to get it done with as soon as possible, instead we have a drink and brief conversation. Where are you from, how old are you, your name and all these bullshits which make you feel comfortable. Then she asks me to pull down the pants and go to the sink where she cleans up my precious.

There we go, about to start, when she asks me if I’m shy. Not sure why would she say that. In fact I feel as comfortable with my dick in girl’s mouth as fish feels in the water and so I tell her, but if she wants to call it shy, I don’t mind! And so we start, I get my long awaited blow job and do I even have to mention that it was the best fucking BJ ever? I mean come one, these babes do it for living. I will spare you further details, but hell, I promised myself I will see this girl again.

When I’m done, she cleans up my cock, and puts on my cloths. Then we finish our drinks and I am emptier and happier. We walk down the stairs and it’s time to settle the bill. Total damage B1240. Not the cheapest ever, but I’d say this experience was worth it. There is the owner again and asks if I’m happy with the service. We spend next 10, 15 minutes chatting about life and it’s time to hit the road as the night is early and Bangkok calls for party.

I go outside and some other cute girl stops me, asking how did I like my BJ. I say it was marvelous and she’s like “well, next time you should try me, cause I’m the popular girl here. In fact, she just sucked your dick (she pointed at the girl), but we can still go upstairs and have sex together now. What do you say cowboy?”. I was really impressed with her English as well as getting arose, so it was time to escape! Damn, I fucking love Thailand.

Ps. The bird from the picture does work at Wood Bar.

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